We created our company in the year 2006 aiming to revive and develop the building traditions of natural materials in Belarus. Our company specializes in the production and laying of natural roofing (straw and reed roofs, shingles, shingles, aspen chips), the production of natural and decorative construction materials (Reed and Willow mats), the production of wooden furniture and wicker products. Most of all we would like to inform you that the roof is made of natural materials is not just a luxury and not just a decoration. Natural roof is truly a worthy competitor to all types of modern roofing both in price and quality. We offer you the whole range of roofing services from laying wooden or thatched roofs and to training your staff and providing roofing materials for your company.



Aspen Shingle

Aspen chips (or as it is often called, aspen shingles) appeared in the eighteenth century in Finland. The main difference from the chip shingles and shingles - the possibility of roofing is very complex shape and not a high cost. Aspen wood chips is an ideal roofing material for small facilities with an open roof (gages, sheds).

Reed mats

Mats own production of natural plant materials (reed, willow vine), provide excellent protection from prying eyes, the wind and the sun. Suitable for use in gardens, on terraces and balconies, garages and sheds. Excellent proven to be covering ceilings and walls. In addition, the mats can be used to protect plants from wild animals, which is especially important in winter for the owners of orchards. Advantages of natural mats: easy and quick to install, environmentally friendly, save power and money.


Reed roof - unique in its construction characteristics. None of the modern view of the roofing does not even have close to the building properties. It is perfect for the device warm attic and attic space.